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Idebenone Cream Protects Human Skin Against UVA and UVB Sun damage

By Idebenone Admin July 27, 2019 0 comments

It is a well- known fact that sun exposure is responsible for photo-aging and the appearance of prematurely aging skin. It does this by eroding the dermal matrix of elastin and collagen fibers. What is not well known is that sun damage inflicted on our skin is even more sinister than previously thought.  A new study out of Yale School of Medicine headed by Douglas Brash, professor of therapeutic radiology and dermatology found that for several hours after sun exposure the skin continues to degrade, even in total darkness.

Skin is largely transparent. This means it has the ability to absorb UV light. When skin absorbs light, chemical reactions occur. The shorter the wavelength the faster the light is absorbed. This means that UVB penetrates less than UVA light. UVB and UVA rays continue to attack DNA in skin cells. Our DNA has the massive job of transforming more than 99.9% of the photons that enter our skin into harmless heat. But, the 1% it cannot transform can cause a lot of damage.

Sunburns are a result of the 1% photon absorption. When photons are absorbed by DNA, they cause the bonds of two of the base letters on the DNA strand to fuse together or bond. This puts an unnatural bend in the DNA and makes it difficult for it to replicate properly. This type of damage occurs as soon as the photons hit the skin. The result of this DNA base pair bonding is a vast number of disruptive dimers. As dimers disrupt DNA strands, sunburn occurs which triggers the production of melanin which makes us looked tanned.

Experiments have shown that UVB rays cause such a vast number of dimers to occur, that skin cell DNA mutates in both the epidermis and the innermost dermis of the skin.

Idebenone cream was shown to be a very effective preventative against cell damage from sun stress in a variety including its ability to suppress sunburn cell (SBC) formation in living skin.

After 6 weeks’ usage a one percent topical idebenone cream demonstrated a twenty six percent reduction in skin coarseness as well as a thirty seven percent increase in hydration. Additionally, a twenty nine percent improvement in fine lines/wrinkles, and a thirty three percent improvement in photo damage was observed. Immunofluorescence staining also revealed a decrease in IL-1b, IL-6, and MMP-1 and an increase in collagen remodeling.

In a recent study skin cell biopsies obtained from random subjects found a long-lasting effect on facial rejuvenation. In vivo studies of Idebenone and human sunburn cells also demonstrated idebenone to be a very capable anti-inflammatory with an overall oxidative protection capacity score of 95.

new skin study on idebenone’s photo-protective abilities when administered via a liposome cream.

Liposomes are imitation human cells. When liposome spheres are filled with idebenone they have the unique ability to express their payload directly through cell walls to the mitochondria.

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