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Anti-aging benefits of Idebenone

By Idebenone Admin July 27, 2019 0 comments

itochondria, Oxygen, Energy Production and How Idebenone Slows Down Aging better than CoQ10 

The first job of the trillions of mitochondria in our body is to produce ATP for cell energy. The second is to synthesize Pregnenolone, the precursor of all hormones. When it comes to preserving and extending life, all roads return to healthy mitochondria. Because healthy mitochondria are the key to healthy life-preserving cells. To do their job they require a perfect balance of oxygen. But keeping the balance is where it gets tricky. Too much oxygen exposes mitochondria to aging free radicals. This is known as oxidation. (ever left a bicycle in the rain? The rust that invades is oxidation which is corrosive). Hence we age, get sick and organs begin to fail. We are literally rusting from the inside out. On the other hand, too little oxygen from low blood flow is just as big an issue. When oxygen supply is low from arteriosclerosis or a weak heart with a low ejection fraction, weak lungs, perhaps a stroke, or other physical trauma . . . oxygen levels drop off and free radicals run rampant. So much so that vitamin C or E can’t possibly keep up with the job. Even the darling of all cardio antioxidants, yes CoQ10 itself, can become so overwhelmed with the task of mopping up free radicals, they are devoured and oxidize as well! This means that CoQ actually becomes a free radical with a negative impact on ATP production. When put under too much pressure CoQ10 actually becomes but another aging agent. Not so with Idebenone. Idebenone is much more effective than CoQ. Under the same—or even more—hypoxic conditions it hunkers down and continues to do its job in the battle against intense accumulations of free radicals.

No antioxidant is capable of working harder in the fight to protect the heart, brain, skin and skeletal muscles.

Idebenone versus CoQ10

  1. Studies indicate that Idebenone is 30-100 times more effective than your average free radical quencher.
  2. Under low oxygen conditions it leaves far less of an oxidation trail than CoQ10.
  3. Unlike CoQ10 it has been shown to increase Nerve Growth Factor and enhance cholinergic activity, thereby showing it to have cognitive enhancement abilities. This also helps with the feel good hormones; serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine.
  4. It cleans up free radical activity as it protects the mitochondrial mtDNA we get from our mother’s genes.
  5. Liposomal Idebenone skin cream is unique in that it may be delivered to the entire body through any area of skin you desire, and while rejuvenating the skin, mitigating wrinkles by as much as 30% as it is diving into the circulatory network within skin, whereupon it is directly metabolized into the entire body.

Apply cream anywhere on the body: under the eyes, the arms, any pressure point. Or take capsules orally.

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