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Happy people can live longer when taking Idebenone

By Blake Cooley July 27, 2019 0 comments

It is a statistical al fact that happy people live longer than sad people. But, happiness is not the reason happy people live longer than sad people. According to a new Australian study just published in The Lancet—on of our most highly regarded peer-reviewed scientific journals—it is the behaviors that happy people engage in that are the biggest contributing factor to their longevity.

First and foremost on the list of happy people is that they engage in healthy behaviors like taking idebenone, a highly regarded longevity antioxidant supplement. Be it for skin cancer, respiratory disease, cardio disease, Macular degeneration, idebenone, a powerful analog of Co Q 10 operates on the mitochondrial level to roll back the time clock in every cell of the body. Idebenone is also a precursor to serotonin, one of our primary feel-good neurotransmitters. Idebenone has also been shown to down-regulate the stress response in such neurodegenerative disorders as Huntington’s and Parkinson’s disease.

The Australian happiness study was massive and long, taking place over 10 years and involving 719,671 people. Three years into the study subjects were asked how often they were happy. The 40% that reported “Most of the time” and the 44% that reported “usually” were designated happy. The 16% leftover were designated unhappy. The people that reported unhappy were also more likely to be in poor health.

To make the study credible the researchers factored in many variables like fitness, exercise, finances, sleep cycles, marriage and/or cohabitation arrangements.

Numbers don’t lie. In each group the people who indicated poor health at the inception of the study were almost 70% more likely to have passed away by the end of the study irrespective of the nature of their death, be it heart disease or cancer which led researchers to conclude that happiness itself did not reduce the possibility of dying of cancer or cardiac issues.

Owing to its safety and lack of side effects, idebenone capsules administered at upwards of one gram per day ad-infinitum as early as possible upon presentation contributed to happy longevity. Though idebenone is not a direct “Cure” for heart hypertrophy it has shown itself to be an excellent and safe way to manage the disease if started early enough. For cardio victims ultrasound testing has revealed higher than a twenty percent reduction of left ventricular mass in over fifty percent of patients.

Originally developed in Japan as a possible cure for Alzheimer’s disease idebenone has gone on to become the go-to treatment in Korea where doctors do not hesitate to prescribe very high doses of the antioxidant for all manner of mitochondrial disease including but not exclusive to Leber’s hereditary optic nerve disease, Friedreich's Ataxia, Duchenne’s MS, macular degeneration, lung, skin and heart disease. Idebenone is also the go-to antioxidant for preserving organs during live organ transport.


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