Idebenone Dietary Supplement

Idebenone is an extraordinary antioxidant. Studies have shown it to be an effective support for cardiac and all mitochondrial issues such as MS, Friedreich’s ataxia and Leber’s eye disease. Idebenone has been shown to support the Corpus callosum, the contralateral axonal fibers known as white matter that connect the left and right cerebral hemispheres of our brain.

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Improved Mitochondrial Function

Be it the eyes, the heart, the brain, the skin, lungs, liver, the circulatory system . . . Idebenone demonstrates a powerful ability to support higher mitochondrial function. Idebenone is also recommended by the modern medical community for those taking statin (high cholesterol) drugs. Many statin patients experience rhabdomyolysis or intense joint aches caused by such drugs.

Powerful Antioxidant

Many doctors originally recommend idebenone in lieu of Co Q 10 but found that Co Q 10 became overwhelmed with oxidation during the process of converting cholesterol into pregnenolone and ATP in the mitochondria. Idebenone is able to take over where Co Q left off leaving no oxidation trail. In other words Co Q 10 actually becomes part of the problem. Idebenone is so powerful an antioxidant that it is used to preserve organs during transport during organ transplant procedures.

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  • Dear HBC Protocols. . . 

    This is about a 14 year old was diagnosed with Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy LHON. To every family that has someone with Leber’s this is our story, i want you to know there is hope. 2 years ago my nephew started losing his eyesight so we went to his MD which referred us to the Retina Institute in Torrance CA to Dr Ron Gallemore MD, PHD . After a lot of tests, Dr Gallemore said that Ned Is going to lose his eyesight. But I told him that our lord Jesus Christ is alive and told us if we believe in him he will be there for us. So prayers led me to start a search for what could help my nephew’s vision .I was told Idebenone, an antioxidant, was being used in several hospitals in Europe and here to treat people with LHON and it was somewhat helpful. Dr. Gallemore put us in touch with a research group that is trying to help others with Leber’s. From them I found HBC Protocols and talked to Mr. Jeff and told him that I need Idebenone for my nephew. We started my nephew on 200 mg tablet three times per day. Oh, Mr. Jeff also mentioned that Omega 3 fish oil and another eye antioxidant called Lutein were good for the eyes. So, I asked Dr. Gallemore and he agreed. So Ned has been taking Idebenone 200 mg and Omega 3 and Lutein 6 mg three times a day. After a few months Neds vision started to get better and with the help of Tori Schladen, A member of the Low Vision Center in Culver City we got A cctv which helped him in doing his homework last month .Dec/2015 was tests again at the Retina Institute and Dr Gallemore it showed that Ned’s vision is 4 times better than the first time, he is going to school! Also, he just got a laptop and is playing games on his PlayStation. I don’t like him playing war games but i am so thrilled that he can see that I let him do it. Life is definitely getting better for Ned (and me) with the help of the Lord. Thank you Lord. Thank you Idebenone! Thank you Dr. Gallemore! Thank you HBC!

    A.M – Torrance
  • Dear HBC Protocols,

    I was diagnosed with LHON Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy at UCLA in 2013 by Dr. Gorin. He immediately put me in touch with you guys for your idebenone. He told me it wasn’t a cure but was the best way he knew to manage my disease and possibly prevent it from getting worse. He initially put me on a lower dose of your 50 milligram caps but has since upped the dosage. I have been taking five idebenone 200 milligrams caps since October of 2014. 

    Two years ago I was considered legally blind as I could not read the eye chart. Eight months ago my doctor did a reexamination and he was able to write me a prescription for reading glasses because my vision improved enough that I could make out newspaper font. BTW, I am also taking the idebenone in conjunction with your Invision with lutein.  Honestly, I don’t know if the improvement is a good thing or a bad thing because the VA won’t give me the higher end magnifiers they just give me the lower budget magnifiers. I do use binoculars for distance and they make a difference. So anyone out there reading this should know that binoculars can help with Leber’s.

    My point is that by being patient and following my doctors orders the idebenone has enabled me to now read normally or about 20 / 30 up close which means that my vision has been corrected for up close reading. Oh, yes, I have also been taking your omega three oils. I don’t know if that has had anything to do with my vision improvement but I hear omega oils are good for the eyes and the heart so what the heck. I will be 48 years old this week, it is also time to be thinking about the heart. 

    I am very encouraged I was a marine for 20 years. I worked on helicopters. I had quit driving a car on February 2013. I am looking forward to years of a good life with improved vision and possibly driving again. Obviously I can not use binoculars for driving. I am lucky to have a retirement disability but even still it is difficult affording the idebenone but I guess I will be taking it for ever.. I hope this letter encourages other men who suffer from this disease and have just started taking idebenone to be patient. It helps! 

    I appreciate your letting me bend your ear. Thanks again,