Idebenone - Super Antioxidant

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Studies have shown that too little and too much oxygen actually cause other anti-oxidants (like vitamin E, C and coenzyme q ten) to become so overwhelmed by the job of supporting mitochondria such that they actually become oxidation agents, causing us to continue rusting from inside out. Yes, these inferior anti-oxidants not only don’t address the problem but become a bigger part of the problem. Studies comparing heart tissue in both young and old show that young hearts have no mitochondrial issues. There is a reason that organs, hearts included, being prepared for transplant are preserved in idebenone, because idebenone is the most powerful free radical enemy in the world. Now you have access to the same substance. One that not only penetrates skin, immersing itself through all four layers, but is carried through the circulatory system to the entire body along the way. No known antioxidant executes organ and skin mitochondrial rejuvenation like advanced idebenone liposomal cream.

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